Photographed by award-winning Lance van der Vyver from Panthera Photo Safaris.

[cs_content][cs_element_section _id=”1″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”2″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”3″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”4″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”5″ ][cs_content_seo]south africa\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”6″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”7″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”8″ ][cs_element_button _id=”9″ ][cs_content_seo]Overview\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”10″ ][cs_element_button _id=”11″ ][cs_content_seo]Workshops\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”12″ ][cs_element_button _id=”13″ ][cs_content_seo]Packages\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”14″ ][cs_element_button _id=”15″ ][cs_content_seo]destinations\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”16″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”17″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”18″ ][cs_element_text _id=”19″ ][cs_content_seo]Supreme accommodation, up-close encounters with wildlife, and world-class hospitality in the multi-cultural and biodiverse nation that is South Africa. This is a safari destination that has it all.
We custom-make journeys across South Africa, from the private reserves of the Greater Kruger Park to the tropical coastline of Kwazulu Natal and the exquisite Kalahari countryside of the north. Our privately guided photographic workshops take place in some of the country’s most celebrated wildlife territories, including the historical home of luxury safaris, the Sabi Sand.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”20″ ][cs_element_image _id=”21″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”22″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”23″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”24″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”25″ ][cs_content_seo]Photographic Workshops\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”26″ ][cs_element_text _id=”27″ ][cs_content_seo]Our photographic workshops in South African destinations are big-cat and Big 5 focused because the Greater Kruger Park and Sabi Sand Game Reserve offer the best opportunities for viewing these animals in southern Africa. We’ve carefully selected the locations to offer photographers an exclusive safari experience in prime wildlife territory with professional guiding and tutelage in the field.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”28″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”29″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”30″ ][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”31″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”32″ ][cs_element_image _id=”33″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”34″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”35″ ][cs_content_seo]ELEPHANT PLAINS\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”36″ ][cs_element_text _id=”37″ ][cs_content_seo]From R27,500 / per person sharing
Looking for leopards? Join us in one of Africa’s most productive areas for big cats. This trip is geared towards leopards, but also provides fantastic opportunities to photograph the other 4 of the big 5.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”38″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”39″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”40″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”41″ ][cs_content_seo]5 days / 4 nights\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”42″ ][cs_element_button _id=”43″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”44″ ][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”45″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”46″ ][cs_element_image _id=”47″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”48″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”49″ ][cs_content_seo]KAMBAKU RIVER LODGE\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”50″ ][cs_element_text _id=”51″ ][cs_content_seo]From R22,800  / per person sharing
Come and enjoy one of the most beautiful lodges in Southern Africa, learn how to master your camera, whilst relaxing by the crocodile river and exploring the world famous Kruger National Park.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”52″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”53″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”54″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”55″ ][cs_content_seo]5 days / 4 nights\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”56″ ][cs_element_button _id=”57″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”58″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”59″ ][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”60″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”61″ ][cs_element_image _id=”62″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”63″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”64″ ][cs_content_seo]Kambaku River Lodge – Hide only\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”65″ ][cs_element_text _id=”66″ ][cs_content_seo]From R19,800 / per person sharing
Looking for a more laidback, indulgent experience? You can enjoy big game viewing and bird watching while relaxing beside the pool at Kambaku River Lodge, or while enjoying a sundowner on the river deck!\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”67″ ][cs_element_text _id=”68″ ][cs_content_seo]28th October to 1st November 2024 – (Hides Only) – SOLD OUT
4th November to 8th November 2025 – (Hides Only) – 4 Space remaining\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”69″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”70″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”71″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”72″ ][cs_content_seo]5 days / 4 nights\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”73″ ][cs_element_button _id=”74″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”75″ ][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”76″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”77″ ][cs_element_image _id=”78″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”79″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”80″ ][cs_content_seo]Big cats and hides!\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”81″ ][cs_element_text _id=”82″ ][cs_content_seo]From R48,500 / per person sharing
One of the best photo combination highlights in South Africa. 8 nights, 9 days of photographic bliss! Join us for 4 nights photographing birds and elephants from an eye level hide before focusing on the best Big Cats in South Africa!\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”83″ ][cs_element_text _id=”84″ ][cs_content_seo]28th October – 5th November 2024 – SOLD OUT
4th November – 12th November 2025 – 4 space remaining
Available as a Custom safari\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”85″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”86″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”87″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”88″ ][cs_content_seo]5 days / 4 nights\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”89″ ][cs_element_button _id=”90″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”91″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”92″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”93″ ][cs_element_button _id=”94″ ][cs_content_seo]More workshops\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”95″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”96″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”97″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”98″ ][cs_content_seo]south africa top Destinations\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”99″ ][cs_element_text _id=”100″ ][cs_content_seo]The destinations we work with in South Africa offer only the best in terms of luxury accommodation and photographic opportunities. These are some of the country’s most famous wildlife territories and each one brings something different to the table. Within each of our listed destinations are a selection of South African safari lodges we know to be out of this world in terms of experience and comfort. From the Kalahari Desert in the north-west to the tropical coast in the south-east and the private Kruger properties in between, these are the best places to go on safari in South Africa.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”101″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”102″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”103″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”104″ ][cs_content_seo]Sabi sabi\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”105″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”106″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”107″ ][cs_content_seo]madikwe\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”108″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”109″ ][cs_content_seo]timbavati\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”110″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”111″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”112″ ][cs_content_seo]tswalu\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”113″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”114″ ][cs_content_seo]Phinda\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”115″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”116″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”117″ ][cs_content_seo]MalaMala\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”118″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”119″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”120″ ][cs_element_button _id=”121″ ][cs_content_seo]enquire now\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”122″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”123″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”124″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”125″ ][cs_content_seo]premade safari packages\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”126″ ][cs_element_text _id=”127″ ][cs_content_seo]Our Premade Safari Packages are one of the easiest way to travel – a hassle-free pre-designed itinerary exploring the highlights of a destination without having to navigate the logistics and individual booking processes. Through our expertly created packages, we give our guests the opportunity to sit back, relax, and trust that our experience of the destination and knowledge of the product has resulted in a tried and tested trip.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”128″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”129″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”130″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”131″ ][cs_content_seo]why book a premade safari package?\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”132″ ][cs_element_text _id=”133″ ][cs_content_seo]The only way you’ll find a multi-day safari itinerary packaged up and ready to go on our website is if we have tried and tested it and know it is good enough for you. These packages are priced and timed so that all you need to do is pick which one works best for your requirements and trust that the rest is exactly as it should be. If you’re just looking for a getaway, fuss-free travel, and memories to last a lifetime – talk to us about our pre-selected journeys. Here’s why you should book a trip like this:\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”134″ ][cs_element_layout_grid _id=”135″ ][cs_element_layout_cell _id=”136″ ][cs_element_icon _id=”137″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”138″ ][cs_element_text _id=”139″ ][cs_content_seo]Booking a packaged journey is time efficient for you\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_cell][cs_element_layout_cell _id=”140″ ][cs_element_icon _id=”141″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”142″ ][cs_element_text _id=”143″ ][cs_content_seo]Our packages showcase the best  bits of a safari destination.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_cell][cs_element_layout_cell _id=”144″ ][cs_element_icon _id=”145″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”146″ ][cs_element_text _id=”147″ ][cs_content_seo]Create a unique itinerary for any special occasion, romance, photography or exploring.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_cell][/cs_element_layout_grid][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”148″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”149″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”150″ ][cs_element_image _id=”151″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”152″ ][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”153″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”154″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”155″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”156″ ][cs_content_seo]The royal south africa\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”157″ ][cs_element_text _id=”158″ ][cs_content_seo]Price on request
The Royal Portfolio showcases the very best luxury South African travel experiences. We look forward to welcoming you.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”159″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][cs_element_layout_row_2 _id=”160″ ][cs_element_layout_column_2 _id=”161″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”162″ ][cs_content_seo]11 days / 4 nights\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”163″ ][cs_element_button _id=”164″ ][/cs_element_layout_column_2][/cs_element_layout_row_2][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][cs_element_layout_row _id=”165″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”166″ ][cs_element_gap _id=”167″ ][cs_element_button _id=”168″ ][cs_content_seo]View more\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”169″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”170″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”171″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”172″ ][cs_content_seo]Reviews\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”173″ ][cs_element_layout_div _id=”174″ ][cs_element_layout_div_2 _id=”175″ ][cs_element_layout_slide_container _id=”176″ ][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”177″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”178″ ][cs_content_seo]Kambaku River Lodge\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”179″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”180″ ][cs_content_seo]I was lucky enough to spend some time at Kambaku River Lodge on the Crocodile River and go on a photographic safari with Lance Van de Vyver of Panthera photo safaris as our guide and teacher. On that safari I learned so much from Lance about photographing Wildlife and also editing which resulted in me taking some of my best images. I would totally recommend to anyone, no matter your knowledge of photography, to try and go on one of these safaris.
Kambaku river lodge is an amazing lodge and the owners and staff are of the highest quality. Kambaku combined with Panthera Photo Safaris and Lance is a dream team.  My husband who is not a photographer decided to accompany me and he enjoyed the safaris and lodge as much as I did!\n\nAllison & Tony Hunt\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”181″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”182″ ][cs_content_seo]Tswalu Kalahari\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”183″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”184″ ][cs_content_seo]We met Lance and Kirstin at Tswalu Kalahari in July 2016. Lance was our guide and his enthusiasm on the truck was contagious. Also, as a photographer he knew exactly where to park for us to get great photos and went the extra mile to get us memorable, rare sightings (2 pangolin, aardvark and aardwolf on 1 drive!!).

His knowledge of the wildlife and the area was outstanding too. Since 2016, we’ve become good friends and have even had him join us at &Beyond Ngala Tented Camp for an afternoon.

He and Kirstin are a down to earth, hardworking, fun, and honest couple who love wildlife and giving people the greatest experience possible. We look forward to spending time with them again in the bush very soon.
\n\nMark & Holly Needham Corvallis, Oregon USA\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”185″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”186″ ][cs_content_seo]Londolozi Private Reserve\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”187″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”188″ ][cs_content_seo]One of the best photo guides I have had the privilege to travel with!

Lance always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients get the absolute best photographic opportunity. When I first met him I was a beginner, but now I am confident around my equipment. At no time on any trip did I feel intimidated by him or the other photographers, which I have felt with other companies.

Unlike other “guides” who I have been with, he never positions himself in the best position. Many times I have been with him he has had no view of the animal, or is positioned behind a bush so that his clients get the best shot!

His knowledge of wildlife behaviour and photography are amazing and I feel I learn something new every time I am with him.

Kirstin is a fantastic host, always willing to chat and ensure the guests are happy when at camp. She is never far to top up a drink and check in on you, making your time in the bush very relaxing. 5 out of 5, I would recommend to anyone!\n\nFrank Tonikngson\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”189″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”190″ ][cs_content_seo]Tswalu, Motswari\n\nKalahari & Timbavati\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”191″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”192″ ][cs_content_seo]It is easy to tell that Lance is a good photographer, but he is also an excellent teacher. Before we met Lance, the only F stops we knew were on the subway.
Lance has a beautiful way of taking whatever photographic knowledge you have and transforming you into an expert. He is a master at explaining everything you wanted to know about your camera (besides just how to turn it on) and how to seamlessly access the functions on your camera to get the right shot. From working in dim light to trying to capture a moving subject, Lance provides all of his tips and tricks to getting an award winning shot.
He is kind, patient, very funny, and a delight to work with. Whatever level of photography you’re at, have Lance help you transition from taking nice photos to breath-taking photos.
Hope to see you next year.\n\nSally & Haley Huxley\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”193″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”194″ ][cs_content_seo]Mashatu game reserve\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”195″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”196″ ][cs_content_seo]have been on photographic safaris with Lance Van de Vyver since 2018 when my husband, Andrew and I visited Djuma for the first time. Since then we have been to Djuma every year as well as a spectacular trip to Mashatu in the green season in Botswana. We thoroughly enjoyed our trips, as Lance, with his extensive guiding experience, combined with that of the lodge guides, found us incredible sightings. We have had the most amazing sightings; from leopards, to beautiful sundowner spots, special elephant encounters and exciting wild dog chases!

As a photographer it was important to Lance that he got us into the best possible positions to get great shots. Lance’s knowledge of animal behaviour meant that he often anticipated what might happen in the sighting and he would tell us when to be ready to take the shot.
Advice on camera settings in the sighting such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture were invaluable and it was incredibly rewarding to come back from drive and download photos that were better than any I had ever taken. In 2018 I was relatively new to wildlife photography, using a DSLR properly and I had never used any editing software before. I learnt a lot from the editing workshops held after drive and left each safari with new skills. There is always so much to learn. I have seen my photography improve over the years through what I have learnt on these safaris.

Apart from the amazing sightings and great photographic tuition, Andrew and I enjoyed Lance’s enthusiasm, his sense of humour and passion for what he does. On all our trips there was much laughter and fun had. We both enjoy the way Lance and Kirstin manage to make us feel relaxed and comfortable in the group in a short space of time. This makes for an enjoyable safari experience with others newly met. Kirstin hosted us on all the Djuma safaris with amazing attention to detail, ensuring we were well looked after and made to feel at home. On arrival back after drive we were always met with her infectious smile and a friendly chat. I can highly recommend going on a photographic safari with Lance and Kirsten, which is why Andrew and I keep coming back!

Looking forward to Djuma 2021!\n\nJane Kinnear-Smith\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][cs_element_layout_slide _id=”197″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”198″ ][cs_content_seo]Djuma Game Reserve\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”199″ ][cs_element_quote _id=”200″ ][cs_content_seo]Djuma is one of the best locations to photograph big cats. A photographic safari in comfortable accommodation with friendly hosts Lance and Kirsten is highly recommended. An ever smiling Kirsten takes care of all your hospitality needs and magnificent meals. It can be seen that careful thought is put into every detail. Lance is an extremely skilled photographic guide whose enthusiasm is addictive. He has a wealth of knowledge in nature, photography and post processing of images. He happily shares this knowledge of camera settings for various situations, photographic techniques and post processing, no matter your skill level. What is most remarkable about a safari with Lance and Kirsten is the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that you are all part of the “family”. All your needs are taken care of, from kind and friendly hospitality to the stunning environment, continual learning and sharing of photographic and post processing skills.\n\nDaniel Koen\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_slide][/cs_element_layout_slide_container][cs_element_layout_div_3 _id=”201″ ][cs_element_layout_div_4 _id=”202″ ][cs_element_icon _id=”203″ ][/cs_element_layout_div_4][cs_element_layout_div_4 _id=”204″ ][cs_element_icon _id=”205″ ][/cs_element_layout_div_4][/cs_element_layout_div_3][/cs_element_layout_div_2][cs_element_slide_pagination _id=”206″ ][/cs_element_layout_div][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”207″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”208″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”209″ ][cs_element_headline _id=”210″ ][cs_content_seo]Gallery\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”211″ ][cs_element_raw_content _id=”212″ ][cs_content_seo][ngg src=”galleries” ids=”7″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”213″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”214″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”215″ ][cs_element_global_block _id=”216″ ][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][/cs_content]