Mana Pools Wild Wonders with Zambezi Expeditions and Kanga Camp

Guests walking with Boswell in Mana Pools

Panthera Photo Safaris embarked on a journey into the heart of untamed Africa with Zambezi Expeditions and Kanga Camp in Mana Pools. This is a haven where wildlife and wilderness converge to create a photographer’s paradise. Our recent expedition unfolded as a symphony of encounters with majestic elephants and awe-inspiring lions, all on foot—an experience that transcends the ordinary and beckons all photography enthusiasts to join us on an adventure like no other.

Lance photographing elephants in Mana Pools. Panthera Photo Safaris

Our base camp for the first half of the trip was Zambezi Expeditions, nestled along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, it served as a luxurious launchpad for our forays into the wilderness. Mana Pools, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its unique walking safaris, and our days were filled with thrilling encounters as we explored the landscape on foot.

One of the undeniable stars of our journey was Boswell, the legendary elephant who graced us with his presence. Known for his extraordinary ability to stand on his hind legs, Boswell became a muse for our lenses. Capturing this majestic creature in action was a privilege, a moment frozen in time that epitomizes the magic of Mana Pools.

Boswell standing on his back legs with Panthera Photo Safaris

Walking with elephants in their natural habitat is an experience like no other. Zambezi Expeditions provided expert guides who led us on intimate encounters with these gentle giants. From observing their intricate social dynamics to capturing the texture of their weathered skin in the soft African light, every moment was an opportunity to create evocative images that tell the story of Mana Pools’ unique connection between man and beast.

Elephant in the blue forest with Panthera Photo Safaris

The walking safaris also brought us face to face with the iconic kings (in this case queens) of the savannah—lions. The thrill of observing them on foot, respecting their territory, and capturing their natural behaviours up close is an experience that words can scarcely do justice.

Kirstin Sitting with a lioness. Panthera Photo Safaris

A lioness photographed at eye level

After three unforgettable nights at Zambezi Expeditions, our journey continued to Kanga Camp, a hidden gem set amidst the pristine wilderness. Here, the focus shifted to capturing images in a more relaxed way. Kanga Camp is famous for the “armchair safari” where hundreds upon hundreds of animals visit the camps waterhole each day. We managed to capture the more elusive and nocturnal inhabitants of Mana Pools right at the camp at night. The camp’s exclusive access to the Kanga Pan allowed us to photograph a plethora of wildlife as they congregated around the waterhole, creating a canvas of unparalleled photographic opportunities.

Baby Elephant drinking at Kanga Camp with Panthera Photo Safaris

Why join our photography workshop at Mana Pools? The answer lies in the unique blend of luxury, adventure, and unrivalled access to wildlife that Zambezi Expeditions and Kanga Camp provide. The walking safaris allow for an intimate connection with nature, and the expert guides ensure both safety and a deep understanding of the ecosystem.

Guests photographing elephants on foot in Mana Pools with Panthera Photo Safaris

For those yearning to capture the soul of Africa through their lens, join us on our 2024 and 2025 safaris to Mana Pools. Immerse yourself in the magic of walking with elephants, witnessing the grandeur of lions, and capturing the essence of one of the most enchanting wilderness destinations on the planet. Mana Pools is not just a place; it’s an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your photographic journey.

Lioness photographed at Kanga Camp mana pools
Lioness photographed at Kanga Camp mana pools
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