Kambaku River Lodge Aug 2023 Trip Report

Two lions in a tree

In August Panthera Photo Safaris once again escaped into the heart of the African wilderness at Kambaku River Lodge. Our recent trip to this hidden gem unfolded as a photographic masterpiece, combining the tranquillity of the lodge with the thrill of game drives in the renowned Kruger National Park.

The heart of our journey revolved around Kambaku’s exceptional photographic hide, which Panthera Photo Safaris helped design and build—a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and shutterbugs alike. Nestled strategically along the Crocodile Bridge riverbank, the hide offers an unobtrusive view of the surrounding landscape, allowing us to witness the mesmerizing ballet of nature unfold before our lenses.

One of the standout moments occurred during our time within the hide, where we were treated to the incredible sight of Lesser Striped swallows darting and weaving directly toward us. With unparalleled proximity, we captured breathtaking shots as these agile birds skillfully collecting mud to build their nests, showcasing the intricate beauty of their natural behaviours.

The game drives in the Kruger National Park were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Guided by our experienced ranger Elvis, we embarked on a journey that brought us face to face with the Big Five and an array of other fascinating wildlife.

A particularly thrilling moment occurred when we encountered a leopard kill in a tree, the first time one of our guests had seen a leopard!

Leopard in a tree

Upon returning to the sighting the next day, we were amazed when the leopard had been replaced by two lionesses, who had climbed the tree to steal the impala.

Lions however are not the most graceful climbers, and one of the females dropped the carcass to the floor by accident. Within a flash a clan of hyenas rushed in and stole the remains. As the pride chased after them, the leopard who was not far away, also rushed back in to see if there was any meat to salvage. Once spotted, the lions then turned their focus on him and chased him into another tree. Witnessing this level of interaction between two apex predators was a true highlight of our safari, and the photographs we captured serve as a testament to the raw beauty of the animal kingdom.

Elephants at Kambaku River Lodge Hide with Panthera Photo Safaris

Another unforgettable experience unfolded as elephants graced us with their presence at the hide. Their sheer size and intelligence were awe-inspiring, creating an intimate connection between us and these gentle giants. The opportunity to photograph these magnificent creatures from such close quarters is a rarity that sets Kambaku River Lodge apart.

Weavers at Kambaku River Lodge Hide with Panthera Photo Safaris

For photography enthusiasts, Kambaku River Lodge offers an unparalleled workshop experience. The combination of the photographic hide and expertly guided game drives creates a perfect environment to hone your skills and capture moments that will be cherished forever. The lodge’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism ensures that every snapshot contributes to the protection of the remarkable ecosystems that make this region so extraordinary.

Hamerkop Flying with sticks in beak with Panthera Photo Safaris

In conclusion, our journey at Kambaku River Lodge was a symphony of sights and sounds, a celebration of the natural world through the lens of our cameras. To those seeking a unique and enriching photographic workshop, join us on safari at Kambaku River Lodge—a place where the beauty of Africa unfolds in every frame, and the memories captured are as timeless as the landscapes themselves.

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