A Conservation Triumph in June 2023

Conservation projects of Panthera Photo Safaris

In June 2023, Panthera Photo Safaris, in collaboration with the remarkable Lenhardt family, achieved a significant milestone in wildlife conservation. Together, we sponsored two rhino dehorning operations, facilitated the removal of two hyena snares, and played a pivotal role in rehabilitating three pangolins. This collective effort had an extraordinary impact on the local wildlife, highlighting the power of community involvement in preserving our planet’s precious biodiversity.

The Lenhardt family’s commitment to wildlife conservation is nothing short of inspiring. Their unwavering dedication, coupled with Panthera Photo Safaris’ passion for protecting endangered species, led to a transformative experience in June 2023. Rhino dehorning is a crucial conservation strategy aimed at deterring poachers and safeguarding these majestic creatures. By sponsoring two such operations, Panthera Photo Safaris and the Lenhardt family actively participated in the fight against illegal wildlife trade, ensuring a safer environment for the rhinos to thrive.

In addition to the rhino dehorning initiatives, Panthera Photo Safaris and the Lenhardts were instrumental in removing two hyena snares from the local area. Hyenas are often entrapped by snares which are set targeting bush meat. They cover huge distances in search of food and spend a lot of their time on game paths, where the poachers set their traps. Through strategic interventions and community collaboration, we successfully eliminated these hazards, protecting the hyenas and contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem.

A sedated hyena after having its snare removed

The rehabilitation of three pangolins was another noteworthy achievement of our June 2023 conservation efforts. Pangolins, the world’s most trafficked mammal, are frequently victims of illegal wildlife trade. Panthera Photo Safaris, with the generous support of the Lenhardt family, took a proactive stance in rescuing and rehabilitating these endangered creatures. The successful rehabilitation of three pangolins not only saved individual lives but also contributed to the preservation of an entire species.

Pangolin Rehabilitation

The positive impact of these initiatives extends far beyond individual animals. Panthera Photo Safaris believes in the interconnectedness of all species and ecosystems. By safeguarding rhinos, hyenas, and pangolins, we are fostering a balanced and thriving environment for numerous other species to coexist.

As we reflect on this achievement, Panthera Photo Safaris invites you to join us in our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve wildlife. If you share our passion for conservation, we urge you to take action. Visit our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/SaveOurWildlife and become a monthly donor. Your contributions will directly fund projects like the ones undertaken in June 2023, allowing us to make a lasting impact on the world’s wildlife.

Together, we can continue to sponsor vital conservation initiatives, raise awareness, and create a future where endangered species not only survive but flourish. Join Panthera Photo Safaris in our commitment to Save Our Wildlife, one donation at a time.

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